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Shopping Guide
1) Only member can do on-line shopping. Free register today if you are not our member yet.

2) After you login, our retail price will be shown on the screen. You may use P/N search or Advanced Search to find the item(s).

3) You may get discounted price after you click" Add to cart" if you are the authorized distributor.

4) After you finish filling the shopping cart, choose "Checkout" , it will show you the total cost of goods.

5) In order to estimate the freight, you will be requested to fill Ship To address and select the shipping way . Then the system will give you the total payment for confirmation.

6) You can choose Final or Cancel or Contact Me if you still have questions or concerns.

7) If you choose the Final, you will receive PO confirmation and invoice by email.

8) If you paid by credit card, you will wait the shipment. Otherwise, we will ship the goods to you after we receive the full payment or 30% down payment.
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